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  • “The Last Alliance” on the Finnish Album Charts #26!

    The Last Alliance found its way to the official Finnish album charts in its first week as number 26! Thanks to all our fans, friends and families for the support, we’ll remember this!

    Here the official charts:

    “No need to worry the future, let’s live the moment. It’s our time, we’re not going to waste it…” Cheers and beers to you all, you are in our hearts!

    … And a little something from the bonus DVD: “Drink that fucking beer!” – Kaisa ;)

    – Maria & Battlelore crew

    5 Responses to ““The Last Alliance” on the Finnish Album Charts #26!”

    1. 1
      MARIOS Says:

      The new album is great.A mix of evernight and Third age of the sun with some old elements.Great, really nice songs and it is pleasure to hear it.The lyrics are beautifull with your fantasy touch.Well done.


    2. 2
      thomas thøgersen Says:

      Wonderfull……..Its wonderfull, keep up the good work….

      Love the album, and ´specially the live-dvd….awesome…plus the new album too…..

      From Thomas , Denmark

    3. 3
      Kristian Mossing Says:

      Bloodswathed hails!

      I haven’t personally had the pleasure to aurally witness the new album yet, but I’m anticapating it with great excitement! I’ve been with you guys from the beginning and I’ve enjoyed watching you all grow as musicians, people, and above all, a full fledged metal band. So a hearty, drunken congratulations is in order for reaching the charts! CONGRATS MY METAL BROTHERS AND SISTERS! Epic hails from the US!

      (On a side note, you’ve all inspired me to move to Finland. It seems everyone is far more open minded there as opposed to here in the US. I’ve started learning the language, the culture, history, etc in order to try and impress when I arrive, haha. Kiitos for everything!)

      One day I’m sure our paths will cross and beers & laughs shall be shared! As well as some Jager, on me of course! :D

      In closing, Maria, Jyri, Jussi, Tomi, Timo, Henri, and of course the lovely Kaisa, here’s to a fruitful future of headbanging and shredding!

      Best regards,

      Kristian, from Ohio, USA.

    4. 4
      Suzanne Says:

      Beautiful, brilliant, wonderful, awesome,…
      This is real talent, you are all gifted!
      Would you like to come to Switzerland someday? Anyway, next time I go to Finland I’ll come and see you!
      Have a nice day, and of course… CHEERS! KIIPIS!^^
      Sveitsilainen halejas! kiitos Battlelore!
      Suzy, from Switzerland

    5. 5
      flo Says:


      A realy great piece of music. The absolut favourit song is Star of high Hope. When Kaisa sings the first lines I can see Elwing flying to Earenil befor my eyes. A perfect mixtur between speed, force and tranquility.

      thank you all for this

      But the sound on the DVD is disapponting me :-(

      greetings \m/


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